Racial Power Edit

From the base game, Dwarves get one bonus coin for every mine region they occupy, even in decline.

Dwarves get 3 tokens.

There are 8 tokens in the box.

Trivia Edit

Dwarves are the only race in the game who are affected by mines. No special power is affected by mines, so Dwarves get mines all to themselves!

Early in development, Dwarves had virtually the same power as Wizards and Humans, so they all had 5 tokens. But near the release, the creator had the idea of a race who could get coins in decline, and chose the Dwarves. The race was less tested as a result, and they should have gotten 4 tokens en lieu of 3, or even gotten 2 coins per mine! The Dwarves often get skipped over, so they end up having many coins piled up on them, something in the theme of the Dwarves gold-digging ways!