Racial Power Edit

From the "A Spider's Web" expansion, Ice Witches get one "snow globe" (properly called a Winter Marker in game rules) for each magic source they occupy. These snow globes are put on a region occupied by an Ice Witch token or on a region adjacent to an Ice Witch-occupied region. The snow globe gives a permanent defense bonus for that region, and remains on that region until Ice Witches go into decline. However, if an opponent occupies or conquers that region, he gets one less coin than usual for that region. If the Ice Witches attempt to conquer a region which contains a snow globe, they must pay the additional cost (+1 token) due to its permanent defensive bonus, but they do not suffer from the victory coin penalty that another race would. Ice Witches gain additional snow globes each turn for magic sources they still hold, until the supply of snow globes is depleted. Snow globes cannot be moved once placed.

Ice Witches get 5 tokens.

There are 10 Ice Witch tokens in the box.

Trivia Edit

This race was made by Andrew Capel.