List of Small World Special Powers

Core gameEdit

Alchemist (4) - Collect 2 bonus coins every turn your tokens are on the map

Berserk (4) - You may use the Reinforcement die before each Conquest

Bivouacking (5) - Deploy 5 Encampments in your Region(s) (+1 defense each)

Commando (4) - Conquer any Region using 1 less token. (min. of 1 token)

Diplomat (5) - At the end of each turn, select 1 opponent whose active race you did not attack this turn. They won't be able to attack you next turn.

Dragon Master (5) - Use the Dragon to conquer a Region using 1 token; this region is immune to opponents racial abilities & powers

Flying (5) - You may conquer Any Region on the map (not just adjacent)

Forest (4) - Collect 1 Bonus coin for each Forest Region you occupy at turn's end

Fortified (3) - Once per turn, place a Fortress in a Region to increase its defense by 1 and collect 1 bonus coin (only when active). The Fortress stay on the map even after your race goes into decline.

Heroic (5) - At the end of your turn, place your 2 Heroes in Regions you occupy, to make these immune to opponents conquests and racial & special powers

Hill (4) - Collect 1 bonus coin for each Hill you occupy at turn's end

Merchant (2) - Collect 1 bonus coin for any Region you occupy at turn's end

Mounted (5) - Conquer any Hill or Farmland Region at 1 less token than usual (min. of 1 token)

Pillaging (5) - Collect 1 bonus coin for each non-empty Region you conquered this turn

Seafaring (5) - When your Race is active, you may conquer Seas & Lakes as if they were empty Regions. You retain these regions, even after going into decline

Spirit (5) - When sent in decline, your Spirit tokens do not count toward the 'only 1 race in decline' limit

Stout (4) - You may go in decline at the end of a regular turn of conquests, after scoring

Swamp (4) - Collect 1 bonus coin for each Swamp Region you occupy at turn's end

Underworld (5) - Conquer any Cavern Region at 1 less token than usual (min of 1 token). All Regions with a Cavern are considered adjacent

Wealthy (4) - Collect 7 bonus coins once only, at the end of your first turn on the map.


Power Pack #1 Edit

A Spider's Web Edit

Copycat (3) - At the beginning of each of your turns, you may place the Copycat marker on one of the six Powers from the combo list next to the board. Your active Race benefits from this Power's effect until the beginning of your next turn, or until an opponent chooses it as his combo. When a Power's effect stops, you lose all these Special Power tokens. Note that some Special Powers only apply on a given turn (for instance "Wealthy" only works on your first turn, "Stout" only works if you go into Decline, etc.).

Lava (5) - At the end of your turn, for each Mountain Region you occupy, you may place 1 Lava Token in any Region adjacent to that Mountain Region (excluding Regions protected by Special and Racial Powers). All tokens in this Region are taken in hand by the defeated player and treated as if the Region were conquered (except there is no loss of tokens). The Region may not be entered by any other player until after the beginning of your next turn. At the beginning of your next turn, remove all Lava Tokens from the board and proceed as usual.

Soul-Touch (4) - When your Soul-Touch Race goes In Decline, it automatically revives your In-Decline Race. Instead of picking a new Race on your next turn you activate your previous In Decline Race. You may keep the tokens that In Decline Race already had on the board, flipping them back to their Active side; or take them back in your hand if you like. You get the rest (if any) of the Race tokens (and Markers, if any) you would receive if this was a new combo pick, and immediately play a full turn with them.

Be Not Afraid Edit

Barricade (4) - Collect 3 bonus coins each time your Barricade troops occupy 4 regions or less at turn's end

Catapult (4) - Once per turn, you may place the Catapult in a region you occupy to conquer any region that is 1 region away (but not adjacent) at 1 less token than usual. The Catapult may be used to attack a region beyond the lake, but not over Seas. The region with the Catapult is immune to enemy conquests as well as their racial and special powers. The Catapult disappears when you go into Decline.

Corrupt (4) - Collect 1 bonus coin from any opponent each time they successfully conquer one of your active regions

Imperial (4) - For each region in excess of 3, which your Imperial troops occupty at the end of your turn, collect 1 Bonus coin. (ie. if they occupy 5 regions at turn's end, you receive 2 bonus coins)

Mercenary (4) - Each time you conquer a region, you may spend 1 Victory coin to reduce the number of tokens you need to conquer it by 2 (min of 1 token). If you use Mercenary during your final conquest attempt, you may decide to do so after you roll your reinforcement die.

Power Pack #2 Edit

Grand Dames Edit

Historian (5) - Collect 1 bonus Victory coin for each Race in Decline at the time you select the Historians. While you're active, collect 1 bonus coin each time another Race goes in Decline, and 1 final bonus coin when your own Historians go in Decline.

Peace-Loving (4) - Collect 3 Victory coins at the end of each turn during which you have attacked no active Race. (You may attack any in Decline Race, including Ghouls)

Cursed! Edit

Cursed (0) - You must pay 3 Victory coins, not 1 to skip the Race that is Cursed when selecting a Race and special power combo. It brings no additional special power

Hordes of (5) - You may use your 2 Hordes of Tokens exactly as if they were additional active race tokens of your own Race. They disappear when you go in Decline, however.

Marauding (5) - Once your conquests are over (but before any final conquest attempt using the Reinforcement Die), take your troops back in hand, leaving at least 1 token per region and go through another complete cycle of conquest, then do your final conquest attempt, if any.

Ransacking (4) - Each time you successfully conquer a Region containing an opponent's active Race token, he must immediately pay you 1 Victory coin from his own personal stash(unless he has no coins left). You cannot ransack in Decline Ghouls

Were- (4) - Each night (even numbered game turn), you may conquer all Regions with 2 less Race tokens than normal (min of 1 token). Your Special Power has no effect during the day (odd numbered game turn).

Royal Bonus Edit

Aquatic (3) - Collect 1 bonus Victory Coin for each Coastal Region you occupy. Each non-Coastal Region brings 1 less Victory Coin than usual.

Behemoth (4) - Your two Behemoths are each represented by a stack of tokens that matches the number of Swamp regions you currently occupy. These 2 stacks can never be split or mixed. Each Behemoths’ stack counts as an equivalent number of Race tokens for attack AND defense. The number of tokens in each stack is adjusted each time you capture or lose a Swamp region. A Behemoth must always be accompanied by at least one Race token. If the region it occupies is conquered, only the accompanying Race token is lost; redeploy your Behemoth (keep it as a single stack) at the end of your attacker's turn, as normal.

Fireball (5) - During Troop Redeployment, collect 1 Fireball marker for each Magic Source you occupy. Fireballs count as 2 Race tokens but may only be used during an attack on one of your following turns. They are discarded once used. Several Fireballs may be used to conquer a single Region. You still need a minimum of 1 Race token to occupy the Region.

Sky Islands Edit

Airborne (3) -

Exploring (5) -

Goldsmith (4) -

Gunner (3) -

Haggling (5) -

Racketeering (5) -

Zeppelined (5) -